Our Client Testimonials

"At Thermo ( Electron) Fisher, Gordon was recognized for having the best Employee Loyalty score of all the businesses worldwide. He continues to apply those "best practices and processes" along with his leadership skills to his client base. He and his team were able to assist my business to integrate and assimilate a new management team into my organization as part of an acquisition. As being an advocate of robust business processes, Gordon couples that with leadership and team development to bring immediate results. His years of leadership experience and proven track record brings a different dimension to his practice and differentiates him from most."

Greg Tucker CEOTSI Group, Inc

"The in depth process which Gordon uses to assist someone in career transition is not only comprehensive, but is customized to your needs. His availability as a sounding board continues beyond the official program and he is always looking at the career transition process as a means to build life long relationships as part of your total career plan. He does not merely look at “packaging” one for their next assignment, but provides you with the tools to develop your own total career plan as one might do when they consult with a financial advisor. He also blends the near term financial tolerance with that of your marketing program. He is very clear that there is only one marketing campaign manager and that’s you. Gordon was able to develop several career paths, which allowed me to conduct a multi-prong job search with out diluting my effort. At the end of the day, I have been able to start my own new business with my husband (Chococoa Baking Company - Home of "The Whoopie") and to continue to maintain a business development consulting practice."

Julie GanongCo-OwnerChococoa Baking Company

As one would say, Gordon and his team were able to identify the elephant in the room and were able to create a well working cross functional leadership team, both the senior and director level teams, simultaneously. Gordon’s unique team based, problem solving approach process not only allowed us to find a solution to a historical systemic problem that we knew we had, but the process broke down walls, created alignment and purpose for the leadership teams. This process allowed a group of 20 leaders to improve the overall effectiveness by which they led the organization. Gordon will work with the leader to prep, to provide the deliverables with passion, and will provide follow up to ensure progress is being made and concrete results are being realized. The IDAP ( Individual Development Action Plan) tool was very powerful as it provided each participant a leadership development action plan that became complimentary to our performance management system and that created a "mentoring” process as well. No question the program pays for itself several times over. We were able to achieve several hundred thousand of cost reductions as part of this program.

Mike ValcourtVice President/Business Unit ManagerNashua Corp

"The ability to quickly assess the strategic issues from a business and organization effectiveness perspective by Gordon and his team was uncanny. The approach is unique as they require the Leadership team to actually apply the knowledge learned into a real business issue, leveraging the team based-problem solving approach. We saw immediate and concrete results and ROI impact. His background in TPS, Lean, and Shingo techniques provides a "know-how" as to the business processes that are critical and that need to be made robust."

Mike Mastergeorge President Brazonics

"From a Human Resource perspective, they were able to quickly identify the skills missing to make the "Best In Class" business strategy work, including leadership skills and team development. It was amazing what Gordon and his team were able to do for us in a short period of time. They customized the program to fit our specific needs and they were also able to provide other constructive solutions for us to go off and implement without over running our budget."

Roxanne Jewell Human Resource Manager Brazonics

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