ART of Talent ™


A new venture, under the name of Organization Performance Specialists, has been launched under the leadership of Gordon Woodfall MBA , CEO & Founder. Our offerings are customized to meet our clients’ needs, budget, and to create solutions for sustainable change, unlike any other service provider. Unlike so many consultants we see ourselves as specialists that apply and implement practical solutions for immediate ROI, Cash, Profit impact.

Talent Acquisition: Recruiting, using our search process, for salaries from $75k or above. We have a hybrid model as we have seen the conventional recruiting world being tossed upside down, as a result of this Great Recession

Talent Retention: This is a focus on systemic solutions and business processes that keep the talent in house. Not only the newly hired, but those who have been with the organization for years and the investment level would be lost if they exited.

Talent Transition: This includes the conventional outplacement/career transition as well as internal leadership development for transition upward or laterally. And this is why we have trade marked this concept of unleashing the human potential of an organization, developing the human capital in all aspects of the organization, and using systemic solutions for sustained change as the ART of Talent ™.

This is an extremely powerful process and service that we provide. Organizations that employ this process and leverages our expertise realize immediate ROI, profits, and cash flow improvements. Managing and leading your organization talent is not always a science as much as it’s an art.

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