Networking Forums

Organization Performance Specialists is the only service firm that operates a networking forum the size of its Senior Executive Networking Group (SENG). In dealing with career outplacement, talent acquisition, and short to mid-term executive assignments, having access to a professional networking and professional development forum is crucial.

The Senior Executive Networking Group is an opportunity for seasoned executives from all business functional areas to meet on a regular basis to:
  • Share their experiences and expertise,
  • Grow professionally, and
  • Assist members in career development.

The Senior Executive Networking Group or known as SENG has earned a reputation as "a professional development community promoting lifelong networking"

As a professional development group, SENG seeks to balance its membership through professional diversity and retain member interest through dynamic meeting content and a format that meets the needs of both those in job or career transition and those seeking to build long-term professional relationships.

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