Talent Retention

Organizations spend thousands of dollars hiring the very best talent, and more dollars to train them…only to see them leave. Most likely the cause was either a "wrong fit" or a voluntary departure for a "better opportunity."

We believe people want to contribute and want to feel good about their work. We believe organizations that believe they have the responsibility to develop the "human talent" will also create an organizational culture, the key human resource business systems, a recognition system, and a talent development process that promotes this concept.

We provide assessments and consultation to help organizations to implement the infrastructure to do so. And, we also help organizations to recognize the human potential that exists within their reach and how to unleash its energy.

Vist our Meta-Dia Pyramid Principle business model Organizational Effectiveness and understand the Organization Effectiveness Index of your work environment by answering the 20 questions.

Organizations that have a high index will most likely have a workforce that has high energy and will enjoy the benefits of high retention rates.

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"At Thermo ( Electron) Fisher, Gordon was recognized for having the best Employee Loyalty score of all the businesses worldwide. He continues to apply those "best practices and processes" along with his leadership skills to his client base. He and his team were able to assist my business to integrate and assimilate a new management team into my organization as part of an acquisition. As being an advocate of robust business processes, Gordon couples that with leadership and team development to bring immediate results. His years of leadership experience and proven track record brings a different dimension to his practice and differentiates him from most."

Greg Tucker CEOTSI Group, Inc

"From a Human Resource perspective, they were able to quickly identify the skills missing to make the "Best In Class" business strategy work, including leadership skills and team development. It was amazing what Gordon and his team were able to do for us in a short period of time. They customized the program to fit our specific needs and they were also able to provide other constructive solutions for us to go off and implement without over running our budget."

Roxanne Jewell Human Resource Manager Brazonics