The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence is named for Japanese industrial engineer Shigeo Shingo who distinguished himself as one of the world’s leading experts in improving manufacturing processes. Dr. Shingo has been described as an "engineering genius" who helped create and write about many aspects of the revolutionary manufacturing practices which comprise the renowned Toyota Production System.

The Shingo Prize was established in 1988 to promote awareness of lean concepts and to educate, assess and recognize companies that achieve world-class operational excellence status around the globe. The Shingo Prize philosophy is that world-class business performance is achieved through a deep understanding and integration of lean principles, lean systems of management, and the wise application of lean tools and techniques to create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

Under the leadership of Mr. Woodfall, the Compliance Test Solutions business of Thermo Fisher achieved the Northeast Region Bronze Prize for their achievement and implementation of lean principles.


Textron Automotive Division’s Derry, New Hampshire operation was certified as a TPS site for the manufacturing of windshield wiper assemblies for their US operations. To be TPS certified, a facility must demonstrate over a period of time all aspects of the Toyota Production System with training and compliance to principles. Mr. Woodfall, the General Manager, led this strategic business initiative and was responsible for the achievement of this site status.


Textron Automotive Division, McCord Winn Division of Manchester, New Hampshire was recipient of the Ford Motor Company’s Q1 Quality Systems Award, a very prestigious achievement as Ford required its Tier 1 supply base to be performing at levels that were superior to all other automotive parts and component manufacturing. Ford’s standards led all other automotive OEM’s to implement similar programs. \ Mr. Woodfall was the VP of Operations at the time of this award.

Textron Corporation; Best Quality & Manufacturing Systems Continuous Improvement Site Award:

The Manchester, New Hampshire facility of Textron Corporation was selected from 132 Textron sites as having the Best Quality & Manufacturing Systems and was the recipient of it Corporate Continuous Improvement Award. Mr. Woodfall was VP and GM of Global Operations at the time and was responsible to spear head the "greenfield site" to this level of achievement.


As the manufacturing companies in the United States was facing global competition, many companies, such as Motorola and Texas Instruments started an accelerated program undertaking to change their cultures to a quality centric, team based, problem solving entities. Dr Deming and Dr Juran were world renown experts in what is now known as Six Sigma Training. Mr. Woodfall was certified in Juran Training when he was a Director of New Product Engineering at Texas Instruments and initiated its first 5 Phase Tollgate Review Process for their new product launches.


Recent studies have shown that companies that wish to have high levels of customer loyalty must also have high levels of employee loyalty. The definition of high employee loyalty is when one would recommend a family member or a friend to work at their place of employment. The Compliance Test Solutions business, located in Lowell, MA received the highest loyalty score of all the sites at Thermo (Electron) Fisher, while Mr. Woodfall was President & General Manager of this business.